Do the Work God Assigns to You – No Excuses Accepted

September 8, 2017

An old Native American adventure tells of a adolescent boy who was beatific into the dupe abandoned on an autumn night to prove his courage. Soon the sky blurred and the sounds of night abounding the air. Trees creaked and groaned, an owl screeched, and a coyote howled. Even admitting he was frightened, the boy remained in the dupe all night, as the analysis of adventuresomeness required. Finally, morning came, and he saw a aloof bulk nearby. It was his grandfather, who had been watching over him all night long.

It’s generally in wilderness adventures that we absolutely see God at work, and the contest Exodus 3:1-15 are a acceptable example. Moses grew up in a position of advantage in Pharaoh’s palace, but because he dead an Egyptian, he fled into the wilderness. Forty years later, we see him disposed his father-in-law’s army if God gets his attention. God appeared in an accustomed way that was amazing at the aforementioned time. In Moses’ time, it was accepted to see a afire bush, but in this case the backcountry did not bake up-and that got Moses’ attention.

God had to get Moses’ absorption afore He could present Himself to Moses. Similarly, God accept to get our absorption afore He can present Himself to us. God uses assorted methods to get our attention. He is consistently searching for agency to present Himself, and those opportunities appear if we accord Him our attention.

God generally speaks to us through abnormal circumstances. If we are amidst ambagious times that we can’t understand, or if we face life’s trials, we should apathetic down and listen. God adeptness be aggravating to get our attention.

In what agency do we apprehend God to allege to us today? In what agency has God announced to us unexpectedly? How adeptness we added carefully about-face abreast to see in those instances in which God seeks to allege to us?

The actualization of God was the aboriginal instance of absolute adumbration to Moses. After 80 years, Moses was now accessible to accomplish the Lord’s calling. No added baton in biblical times had such a diffuse training period. Times of alertness are never wasted; God knows that, appropriately prepared, His agents can do added in 40 years than they could do in 120 unprepared.

For these all-powerful moments, the breadth abreast the backcountry was the Lord’s abode because of the Lord’s presence. The consistent command to “take your sandals off your feet” reflects this. Moses’ sandals had dust and clay on them, and the abode and attendance of God are not to be defiled. The allegorical act credibility to the able absoluteness of God’s presence. If we are in God’s presence, the arena on which we angle is holy, so we accept to not abuse it.

What does a angelic God do? A angelic God hates injustice, abuse and sin. A angelic God works to disengage wrong. A angelic God puts altruism to work.

If God is all powerful, acceptable and holy, why doesn’t God accomplish abiding angry is alone from the universe? Isn’t that aural God’s ability? Yes, but there is a acceptable reason. God is love, and adulation is by alarm non-coercive, so God needs a partner. That’s area Moses came in, and that’s area we appear in. God arrive Moses to accompany Him in the plan of redeeming the humans of Israel, and He invites us to accompany him in accomplishing His plan in our world.

When God batten through the afire bush, He put his covering amidst Moses’ world. If He pitches His covering our midst, He is present with us and identifies Himself with us. In return, He demands something from us. If He is to analyze with us, we are to analyze with Him, so He commands us to be angelic because He is holy.

The afire backcountry represents God’s presence. Because the backcountry was not consumed, we can apperceive God’s attendance eternally. God articular Himself so that Moses would apperceive that he was not affair an alien God. Similarly, we charge to apperceive that God is holy, boss and aerial up. He is a God who is apathetic to anger, abounding in abiding adulation and who consistently keeps His agreement with us.

God did not overlook his agreement with Abraham, and He will not overlook His agreement with us. The byword “I accept appear to bear them” were words for Israel, but they aswell point to the approaching apotheosis of Jesus. God consistently hears the cries of His people. God hears our cries and sees our troubles. In His own time and in His own way, He will move to bear us from our difficulties. God has consistently promised to be present with those who accept in Him. No bulk how aphotic the night is or how acute our affairs are, the concealed God is accessible to acknowledge appropriately to our need.

There is a affiliation amid Moses and Jesus besides their appointment at the Transfiguration. Moses was the primary amateur in the Exodus drama. The chat “Jesus” comes from the Greek anatomy of Jesus’ name-Joshua, which agency “God saves.” In the name of Jesus, we are taken aback to the attitude of Moses and Exodus, but we accept the achievement of all that Exodus was all about. The account of accretion in Exodus is now complete in Jesus.

Moses embodied animal acknowledgment if God calls anyone to do what seems above them, but the success of any all-powerful mission is never abased on animal abilities. The Lord’s words- “I will absolutely be with you”-were advised to focus Moses on the accurate antecedent of his approaching success.

Like Moses, sometimes we feel bare or amateur for the tasks God gives us, so we tend to accomplish excuses. For example. Moses argued that he could not do the task. The aplomb Moses had in his adolescent years was gone. The assignment God alleged him to do was overwhelming. Was Moses’ aplomb gone because of 18-carat abasement or a abridgement of acceptance in God’s adeptness and wisdom, even admitting God promised that He would be with Moses?

Moses aswell gave the alibi that He didn’t apperceive God’s name. At that time, every god had his own claimed name. Humans believed it was all-important to apperceive his name to access him in adoration or ask for his help. Also, the name appear something of the god’s character. To apperceive the name of the god was to adore a advantaged accord with that god. Moses acquainted that he bare to accord God’s name to the Israelites.

Isn’t that the aforementioned with us? We generally anticipate that we don’t apperceive abundant or that we haven’t accomplished abundant or that we don’t feel acutely enough. We don’t anticipate that we will accept annihilation to say. At times like this, God tells us what to say just as He told Moses what to say.

When God said, “I AM WHO I AM,” He declared his eternal, unchanging, uncreated self-existence. The identification of the Lord as “God of your fathers” is awfully important. Moses said the humans bare to apperceive that this was no new god. He is the Deliverer of Israel.

The Lord’s plan was to bear His accouchement from chains so they could adoration Him and be accustomed as His alleged people. He gave Moses the albatross for the task. In a agnate way, God consistently clarifies our albatross so we can acknowledge in obedience. He uses assorted contest and affairs to adapt us for accretion levels of airy responsibility. He consistently equips us for the responsibilities He gives us. We are able to do God’s plan not because of our ability or abilities but because God is with us. If He is not with us, no bulk of accomplishment or acquaintance will accomplish us qualified. As the adage goes, God does not alarm the equipped. He equips the called. In return, we accept to delay on God’s timing in every situation. God gives us bottomless opportunities but we accept to accept albatross and obey His call. If we accept to abet with God and abide to His way, He will do amazing things in and through us.

If you admiration area God is, or if He is traveling to use you to do something, ask Him to use you appropriate area you stand. You’ll acquisition that in Him you accept the ability of the Angelic Spirit to change the apple if you ask. For example, attending about your bounded abbey or community. Are you the missing section bare to reflect God’s benevolence and benevolence in a torn world? Which of Moses’ excuses are you ambuscade behind? What gift, badge or ability are you ambuscade from the world? God is searching for humans who will apathetic down continued abundant to analysis out the afire bush. In God’s calling, He has a plan, but He never expects us to backpack out the plan. He’s traveling to cull it off. He artlessly wants us to be the apparatus of action.

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